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As time goes on after your divorce, your needs may change. Most divorce arrangements can be modified, though each state details specific guidelines for these modifications. Runge Firm has provided legal counsel to individuals and couples in the Dallas Fort Worth Area for more than 35 years. You can trust our Arlington modifications attorney John Runge to provide you with the information, support, and guidance you need to properly modify existing divorce arrangements.

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Divorce Terms You Can Modify in Texas

Judge modifying court ordersThough you cannot change the terms of your property division, most other elements of your divorce can be re-negotiated. The court recognizes that families move, necessitating a renegotiation of child custody arrangements. It is also understood that if you get a new job, your spouse may request a modification to the alimony payments you receive.

Renegotiating the terms of your previous agreement can either be a mutual decision by both parties or your own endeavor. If modifications cause hostility between you and your ex-spouse, Runge Firm can stand by your side and represent your best interest during these tense and emotional situations.

John Runge, our Arlington family law attorney, can help you seek modifications to:

Violation of Child Custody Arrangements

If your former spouse has failed to adhere to the terms of your initial child custody or payment arrangement, you may want to file for a modification. Situations like these usually involve a parent missing payments, being unwilling to surrender the child at the end of visitation, or threatening to move farther away from a parent who shares custody. Should you find yourself facing any of these situations, rest assured that Runge Firm has the experience and skill needed to enforce a fair and favorable legal arrangement.

We work hard to help you understand your rights and seek necessary modifications. Contact Runge Firm online or at (817) 339-6147.

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