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Child support paymentChild support arrangements enable the custodial parent to financially support his or her children after a divorce. Support payments are negotiated during the divorce proceedings, though it is possible to revisit these arrangements as the children's needs change. For 35 years, Runge Firm has been helping parents throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Area negotiate and arrange child support payments to ensure a bright future for their children. Our experienced Arlington family law attorney, John Runge, is eager to help you through this sensitive deliberation.

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Ensure a Financially Stable Future for Your Children

In most circumstances, the parent who does not have full custody of the children will be requested to pay child support. Sometimes, even parents who share custody negotiate a form of child support.

Child support payments are generally determined by:

  • Income of each parent
  • Special health care expenses for the children
  • The number of children involved in your divorce
  • School expenses for the children
  • Special needs or therapy required for the children

In certain circumstances, the court mandates child support and other expenses beyond the child’s 18th birthday.

Helping You Protect Your Children

A divorce is difficult for both the parents and their children. During your divorce, your children will experience significant life changes. Child support helps your children continue to maintain the quality of life they enjoyed before the divorce. This stability is important during adolescence.

At Runge Firm, our priority lies in helping you protect your children as they move into this next chapter of your family life. Since we are committed to protecting the best interests of your children, John Runge and his staff takes their job as your Arlington child support team very seriously. Child support disputes can be messy – seek professional legal assistance from Runge Firm.

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