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Child Custody Lawyer in Arlington, TX

Establishing a Living Arrangement to Meet Your Children's Needs

When a couple divorces, their children often bear significant emotional stress. Figuring out the logistics of raising a child or children after a divorce can be messy and overwhelming, but Runge Firm can help you and your family find stability during this uncertain time. Our team looks to the interests of your children while helping you navigate child custody arrangements. With our skilled Arlington child custody attorney John Runge working by your side, you can rest assured that your child custody negotiations will be handled professionally and effectively.

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Understanding Your Options for Child Custody

In Texas, divorcing parents can determine child custody on their own through mediation or through court orders. Court-ordered child custody arrangements take the control from the hands of the parents – a judge will review your situations objectively before declaring the appropriate arrangement for your children.

Factors considered when determining custody include:

  • The wishes of the children
  • The relationship of the children with each parent
  • The proximity of the children's school to each parent's home
  • Any history of abuse in the relationships
  • The work schedules of each parent

Gain Better Control over Custody Arrangements

If you are negotiating your custody arrangements outside of court, you likely have more control over the specifics of the arrangement. For the protection of the children, mediation is often the preferred method of negotiating child custody. We recommend mediation if both spouses are able to respectfully negotiate the terms of the separation. During mediation, John Runge, our Arlington family law attorney, can stand by your side and represent your best interests while discussing arrangements with your spouse.

Negotiating Visitation Schedules in Texas

In a joint-custody arrangement, one parent is awarded "possession of" the children while another is granted "access to" the children. Parents in possession of the children provide primary care and housing. Parents granted access to the children must follow a visitation schedule – or an access schedule – that allows them certain visitation rights. Runge Firm has helped many divorcing parents throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Area navigate these delicate topics and come to agreeable arrangements with sensitivity and compassion. If you need professional assistance establishing custody for your children, Attorney John Runge is ready to help.

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